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 I was born in 1983 and since my primary school studies I have been dealing with music. As I graduated I have started to work as a music teacher and conductor at my former elementary school. I manage three choirs:

Lautitia Childrens Choir, Lautitia Mixed Youth Choir and Lautitia Chamber Choir.



My aim is to transmit pleasure and profound emotions during our performances and to experience some exceptional moments with my choir singers. So far I have had a share in some memorable appreciation: Bartók Béla International Choir Competition – Conductor’s Surcharge (twice), XIII. International Choir Festival of Budapest – Lantos Rezső Conductor’s Surcharge, 36. Prof. Georgij Dimitrov International May Choir Competition – Conductor’s Surcharge, Bonis Bona –  Talent of the Nation’s Charge and Szent Gellért Charge. However the biggest pleasure and feedback for me is that our community is a stabile and fundamental part of not only my choir singers’ but also my life.