Chamber Choir

Lautitia choirs

Lautitia Chamber Choir was grown up from Lautitia Mixed Youth Choir as the initiation of the members between the age of 19-28. Most of  the singers study non-musical disciplines, and work in different sectors. Their repertoir is mostly based on contemporary music but they also like the challanges of old time compositions. The choir’s first competition was the XV. Budapest International Choir Competition in 2015 , where they won the first prize in their own category.

Their other results: Grand Prize of Arezzo International Choir Competition (2015) which qualified them to the European Grand Prix for Choral Music in Varna (2016),

First prize of the category Mixed Choirs and also the Grand Prix of the XVI. Budapest International Choir Competition (2017)

The choir believes that with hard work, respect and trust they can achieve their goals.